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The national Lift companies offer NATIONWIDE & INTERNATIONAL equipment for ALL of your material handling needs.  We have a dedicated staff of wholesale professionals that can
source equipment for your specific requirements at any time.  If your company (either in or out of this industry) needs equipment but doesn’t have the budget set aside for new equipment OR can’t wait for the lead time of manufacturing for new equipment, the wholesale team can find the reliable quality used equipment immediately, anywhere, and get it to your door.

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In some cases, many companies have excess equipment.  This equipment might be too old or need too much work to make it a wise economic workhorse.  The equipment might be outdated or no longer the correct spec.  It simply might be not needed because of a downturn in your business or a reduction of your fleet.  Whichever the reason, our wholesale team can purchase the equipment directly, regardless of the age or condition.  In fact, you could even use those funds towards the purchase of other equipment from the National Lift companies.

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