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Nussli (US) LLC, Indianapolis, IN, USA

National Lift has helped Nussli for the second year in a row!

Brad Hancock, Information Technology, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Network Operations, Memphis, TN, USA

From: Hancock, Brad
To: Stacey E. Dunn
Subject: RE: COI


I want to thank you so much for dealing with us yesterday. Very professional!!!

We also thought Danny was great and knew exactly what to do. We are absolutely thrilled with National Lift, LLC’s service and will definitely use you guys again for any project like this.

Outstanding work,

Shirley Sprague, Operations Assistance, Nussli (US) LLC, Indianapolis, IN, USA

“We are done with that lift now. By the way, they said that was a one “bad” lift, so thank you so much! We will need it back on February 21st at 8am. Can you make that happen for us? Here are the photos we took of the lift, use them however you like.”

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0 Testimonials (1-0 shown)