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Our founder of the National Lift companies instilled upon our clients that “Good service doesn’t cost, it pays!” For over 50 years, we strive to make sure that our Service department has the utmost attention to your material handling needs. With locations and road technicians all throughout the south in Arkansas and Tennessee, we perform the jobs at your facility for quicker uptime, or in our state of the art facilities for more intensive repairs.

Because we strive to give Excellence through Service, Family Style, National Lift of Arkansas offers repairs and general maintenance of all types of equipment such as:

Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, Aerial Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Rough Terrain Telehandlers, Warehouse Dock equipment, utility vehicles, specialized Rigger’s equipment, floor cleaning equipment, carry deck cranes, and more.

Service Programs

We offer many types of programs that can be tailor-made to fit your application. We work for you, with the importance of keeping your equipment UP, cost effective, and straight forward.

• On Call Repairs (breakdown)

Our staff is happy to take your service request for repairs immediately. We have road technicians equipped with technology laden service vehicles that make sure we are on time, dispatched quickly, and keeping your operation running efficiently. You can contact us by phone or through our website/email to request immediate service repair.

• Planned Maintenance (PM)

The best way to keep your machines running is to sign up for a PM program. Programs like this ensure our service is done on timely intervals (30-60-90 days, etc) with discounted rates based on the length of term.   General maintenance is performed, along with a complete safety inspection of repairs needed. With the simple service performed, and an education on your equipment, our clients have the knowledge that allows for better decisions regarding costs and replacement value down the road. The lack of regular general maintenance, will always lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

• Full Maintenance (FM or Contract Maintenance)

The most comprehensive program is a Full Maintenance program. These programs can be tailored to your specifically owned equipment, or included on equipment leased through our companies. In either method, your equipment is completely covered for general maintenance and emergency repairs.   All PM programs are included, along with all normal repairs as well. Streamlined billing allows for quick cost calculation on the life of your equipment, and prevents wild swings in cost for your equipment. Get out of the material handling repair business, and focus on your business. We’ll handle everything for service on your equipment. More uptime for your equipment, and more uptime dedicated to your own business.

• Inspections

Many pieces of material handling and Aerial equipment require annual inspections to remain in compliance with ANSI or OSHA law. Our company can perform these inspections and keep your equipment in spec and compliance. Even forklifts have emission control systems that require checks to make sure the CO2 levels are at an allowable level. Contact us to find out more about getting your machinery in compliance.

Our service department is ready to meet and exceed your requirements. You can contact us at any time, 24/7 for any questions, concerns, or service requirements.

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